AB inBev Improves Teamwork with Our Digital Game Solution

AB inBev is one of the largest beer companies in the world. They have employees across the world spanning continents such as Asia, Europe, Africa and America. The issue that we had the privilege of resolving for AB inBev was how to promote networking while teaching their team best practices as well as the values of the company.

The solution that our team presented was a virtual Subarctic Challenge. We were able to develop a digital game that worked perfectly for the company. Individuals were able to develop their team-building skills and their overall ability to work in teams. The game challenged each team to take advantage of diversity to solve problems as a unit. If they failed to do this, they would see poor results.

The implementation of this solution led to members of the company from across the world learning more about the company’s values. It also improved the company’s team’s ability to work in teams. Participants in the digital game also learned how to communicate effectively as leaders.

To ensure the most engagement, one of our facilitators was placed in each team. This facilitator was responsible for stimulating conversation within groups while helping them to do well.

All who participated learned a lot and had loads of fun! It was our pleasure to implement this effective solution for AB inBev.

More information on www.teams.mx or www.teamslatam.com (for latinamerica) or www.teamsfrance.com (for Europe)

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