Arctic Challenge V2.0

In preparation for dealing with challenges in the new remote work environment, TEAMS is developing innovative solutions and virtual games to break the barriers. This particular virtual game we are discussing today is an Arctic challenge held with over 700 collaborators from the banking industry.

Working in the banking industry is a very stressful job, and with the economy going down and companies going bankrupt, it became even more challenging. So, the banking companies need some support for their employees to help them cope with the pressure and identify with the contemporary company culture.

TEAMS brought together more than 700 collaborators for the Arctic challenge. This challenge allowed the participants to play the virtual game through collaboration. The second part of the game was to measure the level of cooperation through the simulator.

The Learning Objectives

  1. Brainstorm the ideas

  2. Practice and learn effective ways of communication and collaboration.

  3. Emphasis on planning in challenging situations through collaboration.

  4. Learning about the personal level and the optimum level of collaboration.

This implicit training through Arctic challenge proved an immense success. The challenges included scenarios of being stranded in the Arctic. Here the participants used their planning, team building, leadership, communication and collaboration. They had to make a working plan from start to finish, allocate responsibilities to fit team members best, and communicate with each other to complete the challenge successfully.

This training cum game proved to be an exciting event for banking professionals, yet they learned several soft skills. One thing that everyone liked was the complete dis-association of this game from the money matter. It was all about planning, challenge and coming out of the challenge successful, yet money matter was involved.

We could engage over 700 collaborators because this was an online event and TEAMS provided a firm foundation of hardware and software in his game. This support made it possible to engage everyone without any connectivity or delay problem.

Soft skills are as necessary as an academic or technical aptitude for working in today's dynamic working environment. Therefore, organizations and employees need to invest time and effort to improve this side of personality.

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