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Virtual MX is a leader in virtual event management and organization. Their best and the most widely used solution is the virtual fair platform. The virtual fair software has a proven record of successful job and university talent fairs positively reviewed by job seekers, employers and students.

Virtual MX solution provides many unique features and facilities. This software aims to provide the services to create a solution that is the closest to a physical job and university fair. Let us see what you can expect from this virtual fair platform.

  1. Branding. Virtual MX allows you to give your visitors a unique personalized experience. Every participating organization can brand their virtual booth with images, audios and videos. This is a substantial form of advertising and a great way to attract potential employees to your company.

  1. Virtual Booth. It provides each company with a virtual booth where they can hold interviews, chats and conferences. Audio and video support is available for all sorts of communication.

  1. Pre-screening. It allows job seekers to register before the event and submit the supporting documents. Employers can pre-screen the candidates to invite the best matches for further communication. This cycle saves a lot of time and effort for both the parties.

  1. Review & Follow up. It is not over when the virtual fair wraps up. Employers and job seekers can review the notes taken during the interviews and can follow up to review the progress.

  1. Increased Event Attendance. Since the events are held remotely, people from any location can join. Even in the pandemic and social distancing restriction, there is no issue in attending a virtual event.

  1. Better ROI. Virtual MX offers virtual fair hosting solutions at a very competitive price. Universities and companies attract talent from across the world. Secondly, post-event analysis and reports provide statistical data to analyze KPIs.

Virtual MX virtual fair platform has been used for different industries and has produced promising results. It has an ergonomically designed layout that is easy to use and produces the best results for all parties.

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