Beyond Virtual Meetings: A Mega-Broadcast Event for HDI

As the Covid-19 continues, virtual corporate activities are becoming more essential. These are a safe, effective and accessible way to engage employees and keep them motivated. However, not all virtual events are made the same.

That is why, at TEAMS , we offer the most innovative, engaging and integrative experiences, developed with the highest virtual technology through the newest broadcasting software in the industry .

Our most recent success case: A mega-broadcast event, organized in real time, for HDI, a leading insurance company . The event, launched last week, was synchronized in multiple virtual sets, featuring corporate directors and more than 1,500 employees from home.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, HDI’s motto has been "Together we will come back stronger”. The company has organized a series of virtual conventions , developed and supervised by TEAMS, to bring all its members together in unity.

The event involved:

· Four days of live event

· New, top-tier virtual broadcasting technology

· The participation of more than1,500 guests

· A team of experts behind the scenes

· Multiple virtual television sets

· Real time interaction

The creation of this event took two months to plan and develop, from the design and digital animation, to the elaborate sets and interaction logistics.

Not many virtual events companies are able to create an event like this. Why? Such events involve a high level of complexity, mainly because broadcasting and interaction between participants are conducted live, much like a news broadcast! In this case, the dynamics of the event were even described as similar to a movie made in real time.

Achieving a successful event like this, requires:

· A reliable and versatile platform, developed with high technology

· Advanced skills in digital animation and digital design

· A team of experts working ‘backstage’, coordinating each activity and reacting instantly to any changes or challenges.

At TEAMS , we are experts and leaders in the virtual experience business. Each of the virtual events that we create is set up in our state of the art platform software , and moderated by our professional and talented staff. We have more than 15 years of experience with corporate integration, and we are specialists in digital animation, and the management of virtual interactions in real time.

This is one of our several virtual corporate experiences. And much more is yet to come!

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