Companies who care: Beyond traditional training for employees

The trademark of a successful company, is that it cares about its employees and stakeholders. It is now a global trend that companies who are more productive are those who prioritize internal communication and capacity-building for their most important stakeholders: employees. One example of a company who focuses on this is Becton Dickinson (BD), a leading global company in medical technology and innovation.

Unlike traditional courses, we created this online event specially for the company, and it was focused on spreading and reinforcing best practices through play. The goal was not to organize a rigid training only based on transferring large amounts of information in the traditional way, but to motivate employees to learn in a fun and relaxed dynamic.

The course featured personalized videogames linked to the company’s story, business model and processes. In the end, participants completed a final exam in “Good Manufacturing Practices” online through our virtual platform .

Our online training experience has several advantages:

1) It allows people to connect from any place from their smartphone or mobile device. This feature makes it possible for people who would otherwise not be able to complete the course (due to conflicting schedules or other reasons) to be present.

2) It allows people to complete the course throughout the week and at their own pace. This is useful to avoid scheduling conflicts for the company. It is also essential in preventing time constraints and pressure for employees who complete the course.

3) It allows more detailed and precise registry and data collection about employee participation, course completion. It facilitates tracking learning and progress (through grading for each module).

4) Most importantly, it allows your employees to learn while having fun, which increases motivation and participation.

This type of online training is only one of several services that we offer at Teams . With Virtual.Mx, we offer a wide range of top quality, interactive experiences for your employees and other stakeholders in your company.

To learn more about our work and our services, please explore our website or contact us.

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