Creating a Wonderful Pfizer Christmas with Teams

End-of-year company celebrations are the event that employees look forward to the most.

Especially this year, Christmas, Holiday and New Year's celebrations will be very different due to the Covid-19 situation. However, this should not be a reason to cancel these special events. On the contrary!

Redesigning end-of-year events, and taking them online, will be key for your company. Why?

· After a particularly challenging year, employees need (and deserve!) a special celebration as a reward for their hard work and a motivation for the next. Even if this must be done at a distance.

· Holiday celebrations can create connection during social isolation, as well as improve trust, communication and collaboration (and even productivity). A sense of belonging and team spirit is the best motor for good performance.

· On top of helping keep social distance, a well-developed, virtual celebration reduces the operating costs and allows for more variety of activities for your collaborators.

Because of this, Pfizer decided to take the magic of their holiday spirit to each of their employees’ homes, to remind them of their value and strengthen their sense of belonging. And, at TEAMS , we were there to make that wish come true!

With our interactive platform, Virtual.Mx , we created a fun, exciting and magical holiday experience from beginning to end.

We organized multiple virtual activities to lift the spirits of Pfizer’s employees, including festive-themed escape rooms, wine and food tasting sessions, dancing tensions to relieve stress, among many others.

Additionally, we offer other seasonal activities , including interactive streaming on festive virtual sets, cocktail-making and cookie decoration workshops, karaoke and Christmas-caroling sessions, gift raffles, delivery of gifts to home and charity activities. And much more!

With our platform and team of experts , we can make any event possible. Not only are events developed with the highest technology to ensure a truly interactive experience, but our platform is safe and easy to use.

However, what makes us stand out is our incredibly talented team of experts, based in Mexico, who are trained to manage integration dynamics, and motivate people with much enthusiasm and proven teambuilding techniques.

This 2020, you have the opportunity to take the spirit of joy and hope to every member of your company. At Teams Mexico, we help you achieve this. Happy Holidays!

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Thank you so much Pfizer for everything you do and for trusting in TEAMS, merry christmas

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