Amgen is an American biopharmaceutical company with many teams working in different parts of the globe. As the pharmaceutical teams work from other locations, they were missing on teambuilding and creating connections. Since Amgen is a science and innovation-based company, everyone need to have a great rapport to work on their projects. Additionally, this teambuilding and harmony have to be natural and not forced to focus on their work rather than the social aspects of team building.

TEAMS is glad to offer Amgen a solution to clarify and execute multifaceted strategy management. We employed strategy management methods from the renowned MIT and Harvard University. The result was a gamification called “Film Festival,” in which 200 team members could play and integrate. This teambuilding strategy is designed carefully to help members integrate and can connect with peers despite working from home.

The Film Festival game supports cross-functional and cross-departmental strategy management and execution. The strategy methods used in the game teach cause and effect links between several strategic objectives. This game, therefore, became training to develop human interaction within them while also strengthening their strategy building skills. The use of a game rather than a teaching model has proved very successful in this scenario. TEAMS made it sure that we successfully achieve our objectives without overburdening the members. This aspect was essential for us; that’s why the value of human interaction and harmony within the team is performed while the participants are having a relaxed and peaceful mindset.

Our solution to the Amgen pharmaceutical company is very well received. The results of the game are phenomenal, and the pharmaceutical teams have been successful in creating connections among them while having fun. The feedback from Amgen proves that the Film Festival game was successful in grabbing the attention of the team members in Amgen pharmaceutical company and was able to involve them in strategy themes. They have learned to work towards common objectives, strong leadership, and the use of adequate resources.

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