EGADE Business School Goes Virtual

EGADE Business School is one of the most prominent and prestigious universities in Latin America and America. As a part of their annual calendar, they typically engage with prospective students to enroll in their PhD and MBA programs via a conference at a hotel. With the current global coronavirus outbreak, this was a challenge for the university. To tackle this circumstance, the university wanted to engage their audience virtually, but how would they do it? This is where we stepped in.

To make this possible, we provided a virtual set with our software, Virtual MX. With this platform, professors and administrators were able to engage with a virtual audience from the comfort of their homes. The process was entirely digital.

This solution enabled the university to simply focus on promotion while we handled the production. By utilizing this solution, the university was able to save money since they no longer needed to rent an expensive conference room at a hotel. This solution worked perfectly for EGADE Business School.

The students who participated in this virtual experience were really impressed by the university. They saw it as a highly digital school and became excited to apply to study at EGADE Business School.

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