Empowering medical sales representatives in times of Covid-19

Pharmaceutical sales are unique. Unlike other kinds of sellers, pharmaceutical sales representatives have to pitch to doctors. Doctors are buyers who are highly intelligent, knowledgeable about medical products, and often very limited on time. Additionally, they receive numerous visits and calls from medical sales representatives, creating higher competition for their attention and making it more challenging to connect with them.

Especially during these uncertain times, where the Covid-19 pandemic has overburdened the medical systems, doctors are short on time, patience and availability. On top of this, the need for social distancing has affected the way in which sales representatives can approach them (as visits to the hospital are not an option). Therefore, sellers now need to take their skills online to connect.

For this reason, it is essential that medical sales representatives are well prepared with skills and strategies to communicate effectively online and optimize the time that they have with their potential clients.

Creating an effective and empowering program for sales representatives takes a lot of time, strategy and organization. This is why, at Teams Mexico, we offer to develop highly specialized online trainings for sales teams and managers.

In fact, just recently, we developed a customized ‘school of sales’ for sales representatives by Pfizer, one of the most renowned pharmaceutical companies in Mexico and the world. We created an intensive, online training program with a special environment for learning, personalized strategies and engaging content so sellers could strengthen their selling skills and improve their communication.

The main goal was to facilitate the connection between sales representatives and doctors, and to create a clear strategy for introducing products into the medical community that can improve patients’ life quality.

For this, we developed personalized strategies and methodologies tailored to the pharmaceutical sales f

orce, and based on the current environment and medical needs. Our methods and work plans are based on scientific, evidence-based approaches and research developed in prestigious universities like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard.

The result: Sales representatives who know how to perform effectively in a new virtual environment, achieving cooperation with doctors and medical staff for the benefit of medicine and society.

At Teams, we have years of experience training teams, motivating workforces and conducting corporate consulting services.

We offer the most innovative and personalized training sessions for your employees and stakeholders, in any area of business. This includes highly specialized trainings for sales representatives i

n any industry, based on the specific needs of each company and the environment. We provide solutions to problems based on the feedback from your teams and develop tailored approaches to improve motivation, engagement and productivity.

Corporate trainings for sales representatives, as featured in this article, are only one of several services that we offer.

You can find out more about us and our services, or contact us for a consultation

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