The fast-growing technologies in the virtual world have changed the dynamics of work life. In the current scenario of the pandemic, the virtual world has grown by leaps and bounds. TEAMS is determined to work in this domain to make virtual life as real and as interactive as physical life.

One of our key areas of work is communication and engagement to and within the work environment.

We believe and scientific research proves that the employees need to feel an attachment and connection to their workplace, company culture, and people around them to work to their maximum potential.

Our family feud game has proved to be a great success with the the great bank BBVA. Over 20,000 employees took part in this virtual family feud. We created separate rooms for groups of employees. Around 1000 people played the game daily in three or four rooms.

Our technologically advanced solutions helped to maintain the interest of all the participants, and everyone could contribute in real-time. Our platform provided no-delay audio, video, and support mechanisms. It meant every participant had the feeling that he was right there on the stage rather than sitting in his home office.

Family feud for BBVA enabled the employees to have a happy hour while creating a connection with the company culture. They built teams and worked in collaboration with each other to know the strengths and weaknesses of their peers. This knowledge about each other enabled them to support and collaborate most effectively even at work. This team connection was later reflected in their performance and attitude at work.

Company culture is a manifesto for the company's strengths and collaboration of all the involved parties. Family feud provided a great opportunity for the employees of BBVA to connect with their company culture and to promote harmony in the company.

Happy hours resulting from the family feud strengthened the bond between peers and helped them to create a positive, engaging, and transparent company culture in BBVA. The administration of BBVA and TEAMS are expecting lower turn-over, better workplace harmony, and high targets of performance in the coming years.

Let the good time roll with TEAMS and BBVA

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