Happy Hour

Emotional well-being plays a vital role in productivity and communication in the workplace. Events at work affect workers' behaviors and attitudes positively, and they can feel attachment and connection to their work and peers both. These events allow them to communicate within and outside the organization in a better way. Additionally, they can identify with the company culture and values.

The recent pandemic situation has had a devastating effect on the workforce. They were forced to work from home and they could not have the physical company of their peers. TEAMS identified the vacuum in this field and have successfully come up with a range of solutions for creating happy hours for the company employees.

The success and effectiveness of virtual events depend mainly on the setup and equipment. Proper software and hardware support build a firm foundation for all the activities. These solutions guarantee real-time smooth video and audio so that there is no slight delay in sound and picture. It is crucial because if this real-time communication is not achieved, then some members can feel out of the game or left out as their responses are not sent at the right time.

TEAMS has launched the concept of virtual events. They have innovative solutions to eliminate any problems occurring because of network or computer equipment. They conduct the events virtually and make them so engaging and fun that the employees and their families get involved and start feeling the connection with their colleagues.

Family Feud is one of many success stories by TEAMS. This virtual game is actually playing with over 20,000 participants from different companies as banking, insurance, pharmaceutical companies, beverages , coming from all over the world. This game allows employees to make teams and create collaboration among them. TEAMS provides software and hardware support to the companies and make sure that everything goes smoothly. There were no sound or video delays; therefore, everyone is able to participate in real-time. Buzzer Round, Get Ready to steal, and the Final Fast Money Round all went on successfully.

We are also proud of karaoke performed for a pharmaceutical company. This magical moment was also created with our virtual event platform; otherwise, it could have become a mess.

Happy hours for company employees are critical to maintaining their emotional well-being and psychological stability. Happy employees are better workers, so the company gains a lot in productivity and better company culture.

More information please click on www.teams.mx or www.teamscorporate.com

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