Happy Hour - A success story for the pharmaceutical company

Working in pharmaceutical companies has become increasingly challenging. There were times when having technical skills was the key to success. However, now soft skills like leadership, team building and communication is equally important.

TEAMS came up with an innovative idea for holding a happy hour event for the employees. They engaged the team members to participate in virtual games, which led to team building, and communication.

In these challenging pandemic times, when new dimensions are introduced in every field, distance leadership and inspirational leadership are new concepts for the pharmaceutical industry. Participating in a happy hour has allowed different employees to take up distance leadership roles while playing virtual games.

Research shows lessons and value learned through activities retain better. Therefore, when TEAMS came up with virtual games for the pharmaceutical industry, they specifically made them promote engagement and communication. Specific roles in the games need people to take leadership roles.

TEAMS arranged a virtual game event for a pharmaceutical company in which many employees in various locations participated. The participants shared their reviews after the event. According to the reviews, these games had a very positive environment, making it easy for everyone to participate. Even after the event, these employees could retain the engagement and communication they acquired in the virtual games. This all happened without any explicit instruction or teaching methods.

The company management also shared that they are very encouraged by the results of this virtual event. They reported that the company's overall working environment had changed drastically because the employees feel a connection between them. They share values and identify more with the company culture. It became relatively easy for team building as employees shared a good rapport.

Another aspect TEAMS covered in the virtual games is the strategic management for the leadership roles. The virtual match required the leadership to make action strategies and the placement of different team members in various positions.

The success of a happy hour for the pharmaceutical company shows the potential of implicit and entertaining opportunities for inculcating company culture, team building, and employees' leadership skills.

More information www.teams.mx or www.teamscorporate.com

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