HDI Global SE Trains 3,000 Virtual

HDI Global SE needed a solution to train its team of insurance brokers. They had the products and the training team, but they needed the technology to connect with their brokers. Our company provided them with our Virtual MX, and this completely solved their problem. They were able to share their products and conduct training virtually to 3,000 people.

Participants in the virtual conference included a director from Bimbo and Steve Forbes. To ensure maximum engagement, we added real-time translation. This ensured that members of the audience were able to follow everything from the beginning of this virtual experience to the end.

This virtual event was a huge success. The attendees left the conference with a deeper knowledge of HDI Global SE’s products and the skills needed to sell these products to customers. The success of the event led to the Marketing Director of the company reaching out to us to express his appreciation for how we successfully executed this event with such a high level of complexity.

It was our supreme pleasure to implement an effective solution for this German company. HDI Global SE has been around for more than 100 years. The company also has a presence in over 150 countries

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