Hybrid events: the new normal in a changed world

Through times of pandemic, the need for social distancing is leading us to rethink and redesign events as we know them. Technology has expanded our options to maintain and increase engagement with others and to improve the quality of remote communication. On the other hand, face to face human interaction continues to be an important element for communication. Because of this, hybrid events are quickly becoming the future of events.

Even before the current global situation, hybrid events were already emerging around the world as a trend in corporate events, creating the perfect mix between on-site and virtual interactions for maximum engagement.

What are hybrid events?

Hybrid events are those which combine in-situ participation and remote, virtual connection simultaneously. From conferences where some guests are directly at the venue and several viewers participate and ask questions online, to training sessions or workshops where employees can assist in-situ or connect virtually and work together.

Hybrid events bring together the best of both worlds. Rather than a static and distant recorded seminar or an on-site event in which the number of participants is limited by time and space (and now, especially, social distancing), a hybrid model brings dynamism to events.

At Teams Mexico, we can organize and execute any kind of hybrid event. Our specialized teams are highly qualified to design exciting and interactive experiences personalized to the needs of your company.

We manage every step of the event and incorporate proved methodologies to achieve maximum engagement and integration. With advanced technical resources like Virtual.Mx , our own virtual platform, we ensure perfect synchronization between in-situ activities with virtual participation.

One of our highlights is our “gamification” modality where we create and program customized online games for your company. There, participants can be immersed in a playful experience while learning company processes and interacting with other colleagues. An example of this is our digital scavenger hunt where participants on-site must search for clues while online participants guide them using GPS and our virtual platform .

At Teams Mexico, we have years of experience planning corporate events, trainings and conventions. We have the manpower, knowledge and technical resources to coordinate high quality events and to create unforgettable experiences for your stakeholders and your company.

Find out more about our events and services, or contact us for more information.

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