SIEMENS strenghtens ties with virtual Lego and Escape

Siemens Mesoamerica, like many organizations, has a strong national and regional presence (includes Central America) and the challenges they are currently experiencing have not allowed us to be close to our work teams as they normally would. In order to strengthen the bonds of this extraordinary team, we turned to Teams to develop team consolidation activities in order to strengthen ties between the members of a multidisciplinary team dispersed throughout the republic and beyond our borders in Central America. .

In Escape, teams worked together and made decisions in an effort to deactivate a bomb. They had to do this with limited time. The entire process was digital; however, to ensure that the experience was as smooth as possible, a member of our team was with the company.

To make the Lego experience possible, we came up with a plan to get a box of Lego to each member of the company. By employing our intricate logistics skills, we are able to get the boxes successfully to different cities and even different countries. This process gave all the team members a chance to participate in a great event where everyone could build together.

Our method was extremely effective. Everyone had fun and team members were able to strengthen their bond.

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