Internationalization of the Corporate World: A Leap Forward

If anything has got better this year, it is the virtual collaboration. People have adapted to the virtual lifestyle. Geographical boundaries do not matter in many aspects at present and in the future to come. TEAMS, like many global companies, has expanded its operations in various countries around the globe including Europe, USA and LATAM.

TEAMS CORPORATE provides digital fair trades, hybrid, presential and virtual teambuilding and virtual event management and technical support services for the corporate sector.

They have expanded their operations in many countries and with their improved infrastructure and trained workforce; they are successfully serving international clients. One such example is the event organized for QUALITAS in Costa Rica. Over 100 people took part from Costa Rica. While the organization, management and technical team was based in Mexico. Since they work virtually, they have developed a robust IT infrastructure, cybersecurity platform, strategic workforce planning and communication to provide the best to their clients. This is just one of the event they did, other examples as P&G in Europe, Axa in Europe, AbinBEV in US are other examples of the expansion.

TEAMS CORPORATE has a wide range of tasks that are accomplished virtually in a remote working setting. They have firsthand experience of communication and collaboration between teams and individuals working from different geographical locations.

Therefore, they are the best solution providers for virtual event activities for increasing engagement, communication and positive work culture for the geographically dispersed teams. It also achieves the same positive outcomes for teams working from home because of social distancing restrictions.

Internationalization of TEAMS CORPORATE to capture global markets with virtual delivery of services has opened new horizons for professionals and the corporate world. Clients have gained a new perspective as they know they can hire the best service provider from anywhere in the world with no constraints.

The pandemic has affected every single dimension of human life. The corporate world and work-life is no exception. However, thanks to the virtual collaboration and communication services provided by TEAMS CORPORATE , have enabled the corporate world to adapt to the new work model successfully.

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