LINK is the virtual fair software with the highest customization and results in the world

Virtual job fairs have established their reputation during the COVID-19 restrictions. Eventually, we at TEAMS as the leader in virtual event management, are bringing advancements in our technology and expertise.

Our latest technological development is the idea to connect recruiters, students, businesses, and collaborators through the Link virtual event platform developed by the TEAMS corporate team. The job fair we hosted using the Link platform has proved an immense success.

The job fair hosted on virtual platforms as Link allows the companies to pool talent from various geographical locations. Also, job seekers have access to the best businesses in the world. The links platform has many advantages over other solutions available in the market.

The feedback from the students, job seekers, recruiters, and companies has proved the Link platform's following features.

1. First of all, the ease and less time-consuming setup of the job fair. It means that the primary stakeholders can invest their time in the more critical stuff like interview questions, information base, and selection criteria rather than on technology's hitches.

2. 24/7 availability of the platforms means we could really cross the geographical limits. People from any timezone could use the available resources.

3. Virtual stands for every company provided a collaboration and branding space. They could display and market their brand. Also, the information, documentation, and relevant spokesperson were available on each stand.

4. The feature of the compilation of CVs gave a chance to the recruiters to pool talent for even the times to come. It provided them with a database to always come back to if they needed to hire someone immediately.

5. Live video conferencing is one feature that really ranks Link much higher than any other platform. Link focuses on the no-delay technology to give a real-time conversation experience to both the job-seekers and recruiters. The advanced technology made it so real that recruiters could even conduct psychological and body language tests.

Link platform is no doubt the best platform for virtual fairs because of its extensive and robust features along with advanced technology. We wish good luck to all the new talent and the recruiters who are doing their best in these challenging times of pandemic.

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