Live Conferences: Virtual Bridges between Students and Universities

In the current context, and in a world where academic recruitment has become globalized, the need for effective communication and channels to share information and to interact with students in every part of the world is vital.

That is why, students in Latin America have connected with world-renowned universities at the at the Franco-Mexican Lycée's (LFM) 6th University Fair 2020 (6éme Carrefour des Universités 2020).

The virtual modality of the event has made it possible to shorten distances and cross borders, opening doors for young people to find the university of their dreams in Mexico or abroad.

The event, organized and coordinated 100% online by TEAMS MEXICO , within our virtual[ platform, has offered a variety of virtual stands with detailed information for all participating students.

The LFM’s University Fair has become a success, with the participation of more than 100 renowned universities in Mexico, the United States and countries throughout Europe, and even Asia and the Middle East.

One of the main features of the event has been the series of conferences in real time with all the universities, held in different rooms and simultaneously via Zoom, with supervision and moderation by a specialized team.

Using advanced technology within our virtual portal and with the work of our team of experts, at TEAMS Mexico we programmed and executed more than 120 exclusive live conferences with representatives from each of the universities.

However, our virtual services go beyond the organization of online conferences. At TEAMS we design and coordinate all types of virtual events from beginning to end.

The LFM’s 2020 University Fair is one of several success stories in virtual events organized with our Virtual.Mx platform and our virtual fairs.

Our new virtual fair system , includes management of all the logistics, from the creation of a web portal for the event , introduction videos, registration management, organization of virtual conference rooms, booth/stand creation and content upload, information session moderation and content creation. In addition, we offer a wide variety of customized services, including an online agendas and interview systems for academic and job recruitment events.

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