Maximizing Product Knowledge through Virtual Experiences with AstraZeneca, 2021

As 2021 begins, we must focus on reducing the negative impact caused by the current pandemic and finding opportunities in this ‘new order’. This year, companies must direct their thinking to innovate, create positive change and bring greater wellbeing for their stakeholders, in order to keep business going.

Take the example of ‘product knowledge training’. Several companies have relied on traditional ‘in-situ’ seminars and workshops, where employees receive a series of ‘talks’ or sessions with very standardized activities. Such events, hardly lead to employee engagement and real abstraction of product knowledge. But that is changing.

In contrast, at TEAMS,, we recently organized an exciting ‘virtual corporate knowledge experience’ for AstraZeneca, one of the leading pharmaceutical giants in the world.

The goal of the event was for employees to learn more about the company in a fun and flexible format, through a series of virtual games and challenges focused on strengthening product knowledge.

For two days, employees at AstraZeneca played through seven games. By completing each challenge, employees obtained a code to move to the next stage and keep playing. Embedded in the game dynamic were many facts and questions about the company and its products to improve product awareness.

The experience included all kinds of activities, from classic games where a hero must defeat a villain, a number of strategic puzzles, ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ dynamics, among several others.

This virtual product knowledge experience was adapted specifically to the needs of AstraZeneca. Everything was conducted within virtualmx , developed in with the highest technology, and moderated by our experienced team of staff.

At TEAMS, we transform your corporate workshops into personalized virtual experiences. With our ‘gamification’ feature for ‘corporate education’, we create fun challenges and activities where your stakeholders can relax, connect and learn.

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