Let the adventure begin!

Enter the adventure land with your creativity and detective skills!

Feel the musty air, rusty hinges, and the creaking sound of closing doors behind you.

Let your creative juices flow.

Let your imagination spark.

We guarantee you will have the best time of your life in our virtual ship and find the hidden treasure.

TEAMS launches the most exciting Treasure Island themed escape room in the virtual world. Your adventure begins as you board on the ship on the Treasure Island. Pirates are already there on the island, and you have to solve mysteries and connect the clues to grab the treasure.

This game is not an ordinary game. It is meant to give you a mental workout and keep your creative juices flowing. We design the puzzles and challenges in such a way that they enhance your cognitive, creative, and logical abilities and sharpens your mind.

As you enter the ship, solve puzzling puzzles and complicated mysteries to escape from the ship. Once you can do this, you land on the Treasure Island and make your way to the treasure using the map. The treasure is hidden and you work through maps and be imaginative to reach the buried treasure.

However, this has to be done quickly because the criminal pirates are also after the treasure. They are not ready to spare anyone who comes between them and the treasure. They are ready to kill and you have to escape them. Beat them, collect the treasure, and sail away. This is your goal.

Treasure island-themed escape rooms allow you to feel the fairytale atmosphere, the vintage setup, and the mystery in the air. We bet you will feel your heart racing and your mind working fast as you try to combine the pieces of puzzles and find the clues that lead you out of the ship to grab the treasure. This is a trip to a land of adventure virtually while sitting in the comfort of your living room.

You must be imaginative and creative to grab the treasure on the island and then lift the anchor, release the helm, and sail away with the gold.

More information on www.teamscorporate.com or www.teams.mx


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