Something Good: Mixing the Virtual and the Magical this Christmas, SCOTIABANK success Story

In these times, the need for social distancing has made us rethink events as we know them. Because of this, hybrid events can be a solution for keeping distance, while staying connected. A hybrid event is characterized by combining a ‘live’ in-person component with a virtual element.

Especially this holiday season, hybrid holiday and end-of-year events can provide the perfect mix between ‘live’ and virtual activities to connect everyone who will not be able to meet in person.

For this reason, at Teams , we create a personalized hybrid experience designed to give a magical Christmas and New Year’s celebration to everyone!

Our experiences are tailored to the necessities and needs of your company. This season we have developed a range of hybrid holiday dynamics, for example:

· Online meetings for wine-tastings, cooking and cookie decoration workshops at home, where we send the wines and necessary materials to each house

· Organizing virtual events, games and raffles, then sending gifts and prizes for these to your employees’ homes

· Delivering donations for people in need and linking in your collaborators with them to live the special moment together virtually

Sharing the Magic of Christmas with Others

Because this year has been challenging for everyone, one of the ways you can celebrate Christmas is by giving to others, especially those who are in need. Your company can share the holiday spirit by doing something good this year. And we can help you do that!

For example, this month we took the spirit of joy and hope to children living in a ‘casa hogar’ (the term for an orphanage in Mexico).

We delivered bicycles, all wrapped up and ready for Christmas to the children, and then organized a meeting in a platform, with all of the sponsoring company’s collaborators, the orphanage staff and the children to share that moment of joy and happiness.

It was an emotional and inspiring moment for everyone, where the environment was filled with warmth, empathy and connection, which is something that we all need this year.

At Teams Mexico, we are not only focused on creating successful corporate events. Our main goal is to make each event a meaningful and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

One more case of success is SCOTIABANK with a meeting of managers in a place with transmission to all employees. Not a big deal maybe but keeping everyone's attention and not having flaws is what we have to guarantee as a company. That´s exactly what happened with SCOTIABANK, 100% success.

We offer many other fully virtual and hybrid seasonal activities , including interactive streaming, festive virtual sets, themed escape-rooms, holiday-themed workshops and classes, karaoke and Christmas-caroling sessions, gift raffles, delivery of gifts to home and charity activities, among many others.

Find out more in our seasonal holiday event catalogue .

Learn more about our company and our corporate services.

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