Success Story: Christmas in the Pandemic, Why Miss Fun?

Christmas in 2020 has been different. Because of social distancing restrictions, people could not have the parties and could not meet loved ones physically. To bridge this gap, TEAMS hosted and organized many online events. These events allowed people to feel the festive spirit, get close to their loved ones and enjoy from the cosy comforts of their homes.

TEAMS organized one such online Christmas event for AON company. Over 750 people divided into several teams attended this fun Christmas party. They played several games virtually. Our technical team worked tirelessly to guarantee a

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smooth running of this Christmas party.

Christmas is a time to unwind, relax and have a good time. The basic purpose of this event was to facilitate the professional team of AON company to know their colleagues better in a relaxed and joyful environment. A relaxed and friendly work environment always pays off in terms of increased productivity and employees commitment and engagement with the company. It was important to create an involving environment and games to help the staff engage with each other. In these times of remote working, collaboration and communication between colleagues have taken an additional dimension. Now, they have to develop a remote working attitude to increase critical analysis and communication. The games included in AON Christmas Party are thoughtfully crafted to achieve this working relationship between employees in the remote environment.

Our animators made animations that engaged the people really well and the games were exciting enough to keep the interest of everyone alive throughout the event. Our technical team not only made perfect arrangements for video and audio facilities and real-time participation of the staff. But we also remained online as co-host to support in case of any technical issues.

The AON company Christmas game party was an enormous success. The feedback from the staff and management is a significant source of pride for us.

We thank you AON for your business

Happy new year AON

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