Success Story: FAURECIA FRANCE virtual fair

TEAMS has designed the state of the art software platform to support virtual job fairs. The virtual fairs conducted with the support of TEAMS software platform have proved to be a great success. This software platform has solved many problems faced by companies and students earlier.

VIRTUALMX software platform from TEAMS lets the companies and students focus on their job prospects and acquisition of talent solely as the logistics are smoothly handled by the software. The salient features of these job fairs are;

1. Saves times and money

The virtual job fairs save time and money for both candidates and the companies. Interested companies get access to a wide pool of talent while working in their offices. No boarding, lodging, or travel costs are incurred. The cost saving is also very important for job seekers.

2. Pre-event screening

Pre-event screening is a crucial service for organizations. Candidates provide the required information in the registration forms. Companies can screen candidates based on this data and can invite the most suitable candidates to their booths. This saves time and effort for both parties.

3. Increased participation

The attendance in the virtual job fairs has shown improvement over the physical fairs. This is because anyone with a device equipped with the internet can visit this live event and participate. Therefore, geographical limitations and other problems are defeated.

4. Increased efficiency

In virtual job fairs, a lot of traveling time is saved and the main focus remains the event rather than other logistics. The candidates and organizations can focus on their primary goals that increase efficiency. A lot more is achieved in a short period.

5. Virtual booths for branding

Virtual booths provide a separate identity to every company. Therefore they can draw the attention of job seekers through the exhibition of their work and company culture.

TEAMS is a company with cutting edge technology to support virtual events. This event hosting platform is suitable for organizations of different sizes and focus. The solutions are adapted for the needs of every organization and thus provide the best services.

More information on virtual fair on TEAMS.MX (LATAM) or TEAMS CORPORATE (US & EUROPE) or

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