November 16 to November 22, 2020, can be your life-changing days. These days, universities worldwide are coming to a virtual space together to provide you an unmatched opportunity to connect with them. Liceo Franco-Mexicano is hosting a virtual college fair. They are inviting representatives from universities all over the world to participate. This virtual fair is a great opportunity for both the organizations and the students, as they will gain access to opportunities from around the globe.

The software solution used for this virtual fair is proudly designed by TEAMS . They have created a sleek, easy-to-use, and innovative solution to cover all the aspects of a successful job fair. The creative and digitally-enabled college fair provides a chance for meetings between the counselors, students, and their families with colleges and universities. They have designed virtual conference solutions through which the representatives of organizations can hold face-to-face interviews with potential candidates. This is a unique opportunity because the students can participate from around the world. The organization will have the access to the best talent worldwide.

This virtual college fair provides virtual branded stalls to the organizations. They can show their best features, provide relevant information, give career-counseling sessions and their representatives can attend the students just like a physical college fair.

Apart from the conferences and face-to-face interactions, students also have access to a treasure of audio-visual materials, written downloadable materials, and relevant information from universities. This makes it easier to decide which organizations suit their interests and their conditions better.

Students and their parents get access to free plans, financial aid programs, and financial award programs. This detailed information plays an important part in decision-making. Students must use this unique opportunity to familiarize themselves with all the policies related to scholarships and the selection process to gain the best benefits.

TEAMS offers virtual branded stalls, conferences, seminars, and student walk-ins in the online space to create an atmosphere closest to the physical college fairs. These days when the future is uncertain and traveling restrictions are still not lifted in many parts of the world. A virtual college fair is a much-needed event for students as well as for the universities.

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