Virtual Fair: How can Companies Make the Most of Them

Virtual fairs are not new, we have had them for years but the new pandemic situation has elevated the importance and effectiveness of virtual fairs to a superlative degree. These virtual fairs have everything that a physical fair has, except that it is online.

Companies have an opportunity to extend their recruitment to a wide base of students defeating geographical boundaries. Organizations can use the option available at the virtual fair platform provided by TEAMS to showcase their best portfolio and detailed information to attract prospective students.

To make the best use of the virtual fair, companies must focus on the following.

1. Make use of the virtual booth provided to you.

The virtual fair platform provided by TEAMS has an extraordinary feature of a virtual booth. This is a showcase for the organizations to show their best features to attract the best talent.

The companies must show the following to brand their booth.

a. Company information

b. Introductory videos

c. Banners and posters

d. Downloadable content

2. Conduct online surveys

Online surveys are a great tool to gain insight into students’ interests and queries. TEAMS provides an easy tool within the virtual fair platform. Company administration can craft many online surveys that students can easily fill. Since the results are posted to administration in soft format, they can analyze the results based on many factors.

3. Provide detailed information

Companies should provide detailed information including contact information of different departments and officeholders. Companies can stand out by showcasing their campus, infrastructure, culture, and available openings through presentations and videos.

4. Offer one to one career counseling

One to one career counseling sessions are game-changers for students. They are able to discuss their interests and potential. The university advisers can then provide them customized advice about the career path.

5. Analyze reports

At the end of the virtual fair, the analysis reports provide insights for future decision making in the universities. ROI reports, student turnover, student registration statistics are other report options.

TEAMS has gained significant popularity in the market because of its state of the art features and smoothly working virtual fair platform. Companies have been able to access a wide pool of unmatched talent. The popularity is predicted to continue even after the pandemic.

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