Virtual Job Fairs: Why is a software platform important?

Virtual job fairs have proved to be a blessing in disguise in these tough times of pandemic. Virtual job fairs have shown immense potential and now the job market is growing despite the economy slowing down. Students have got access to companies in different cities and different countries. While companies also see tremendous growth in their talent pool as they have defeated the geographical boundaries.

TEAMS and its VIRTUALMX has come up as a leader to facilitate the virtual fairs through their state of the art software platform. The fair platform provided by TEAMS has made the virtual fair an experience as good as the physical fairs.

There are features of teleconferencing, webinars, chat rooms, webcasts, and email exchange information about job openings and career counseling. The best part of this software platform is its regard for the privacy and focus for every prospective candidate and the company representative. Students can discuss their careers with expert career counselors and employers without any hesitation in personal chat boxes.

Companies can also attract the best talent through their dedicated virtual booth. They can brand their booth with banners, trademarks, and their patent color combination to stand out. They also distribute brochures and survey forms in digital format. They can also provide downloaded content highlighting their infrastructure and company culture.

Separate chat rooms are available for group interviews and one to one interviews. They can use both audio and video to discuss and question the candidates and can save their observations in digital form for further progress.

The software platform designed by TEAMS has a collaborative design that allows the interruption-free execution of the job fair. The audio and video works without any delay and the saved data is secure. The details provided by candidates and companies are safe and secure.

The reviews on the virtual job fairs supported by TEAMS are very positive and have proved to be a great success. The companies and potential candidates are looking forward to regular events

More information on TEAMS.MX .(for LATAM )or TEAMS CORPORATE (for US or EUROPE) or

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