Virtual Recruitment Fair: VIRTUALMX

The virtual recruitment fair for universities is a leap forward towards the future. It is an excellent opportunity for recruiters and students. Students join from different locations and can appear for interviews before many panels. It is also very convenient for companies to screen and interview numerous applicants within the time frame.

The company handling the execution and management of the virtual recruitment fair for university plays an important role in the virtual fair's success. TEAMS has successfully arranged these fair and has shown its expertise in the field.

The successful recruitment fair arranged by TEAMS has been a life-changing experience for many students, as they could contact companies that were not easily accessible otherwise. They appeared for interviews, and successful candidates were hired.

We gave recruiters facilities like a resume portal to review all the resumes submitted for them in this fair. They can search for the best candidates and then interview selected candidates. They can search and find the right candidate based on multiples fields. Recruiters can in some virtual fair we created interview the candidates one by one or by groups. They can record their comments right there on the portal for future reference.

It offered recruiters separate booths where they could show their company culture and values. It was like a display center for them to attract the best talent in the country. Virtual recruitment trade fairs provide the unmatched potential to broaden the talent pool. People from diverse and socioeconomic backgrounds apply in these fairs because they feel more confident to show up online than in person.

The students are immensely satisfied with the results of this virtual fair. They could defy geographical boundaries and could apply for vacancies in various locations. They scheduled their interviews with the best employers. Virtual events are an excellent opportunity to present your best portfolio. The students and alumni display online projects, best resume, and demos.

Overall, virtual recruitment fairs in universities for students and alumni have proved that the new technology can surpass geographical, socioeconomic, and other barriers if used constructively. These fairs open new doors of opportunities for candidates and recruiters both.

We thanks a lot people to believe in those Virtual Fair and Tec de Monterrey Region Sur.

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