Virtual Trading, Product Launching, and Recruiting – a Sneak Peek Into the Success of Virtual Mx

The software - Virtual Mx - is one of its kind. Given the topsy turvy conditions of the world today, Virtual Mx was specially designed for businesses to connect people. From school graduates to book appointments with recruiters, update their CVs, make their profiles, and apply for jobs, to companies to launch their products or kick off. The Virtual Mx teams, help your company to organize your convention, launch your product or give the students and the graduates a better idea of recruitment exhibitions.

One of the best example is the recruitment exhibition using virtualmx.

We set up a booth and organize virtual talks where the recruiters get to know more about the candidate. In times like these, Virtual Mx has come up with a solution that is reliable and well-grounded.

The fantastic team of Virtual Mx has been organizing recruitment exhibitions for quite some time now. Virtual Mx is different from other online recruiting ventures and websites. While other enterprises and sites do not guarantee recruitment, we set up virtual talks with the representatives and recruitment committees of various companies according to a candidate’s experience and aptitude, working with universities.

The pandemic has had millions of people go jobless all around the world. As a result of which, there are thousands of people applying for each job. Virtual Mx, however, does not support that, which is why we make sure that the right people get the right positions. This way, you only see the employment ratio rise and rise.

We have had several success stories since the time we began. People who have gotten jobs through our platform are satisfied and happy with our services. Unlike mainstream job-hunting websites, Virtual Mx organizes one-on-one interviews with company officials and representatives so that one could figure out what company interests them the most.

We are very specific about candidate’s demands. A candidate with a liking for an outdoor job will never be fit for the indoors. These particular details are the reason we have several success stories today, and we take pride in them.

Ask us for more information about the software, and don´t worry with virtualmx everything is very simple.

Available in LATAM, MEXICO, US and EUROPE

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