Why distancing has not to be social distancing

Humans are social animals. There is a genuine need for social interactions and human contact to keep life going. Even the corporate world is facing new challenges to make their teams collaborate. The absence of face-to-face contact makes employees feel alone and no longer feel connected with their workplace and peers.

Studies incorporate psychology to show that if the employees feel connected with their workplace and peers, the stress levels are lower. Better emotional and mental health produce better performance and results. Social distancing in recent times has played havoc to the personal and physical health of people. They long to connect and interact with their friends, peers, and loved ones.

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. To help companies cope with these new challenges, TEAMS has come up with innovative programs. We have worked in virtual events to help corporate firms in holding online events.

We hold these online events with specialized hardware and software support. Our tools support these virtual programs to keep the audience engaged and involved with each other and in the event. We make sure that there is no sound or video delay to give every participant the same experience at any moment.

We have even facilitated online programs where employees invited their families too. The events are so fun-filled and smooth going that all the participants and families enjoyed it a lot. The feedback shows that the virtual audience was fully involved. Even in the events stretching to one to two hours, nobody bothered to look at their watch.

We have developed dedicated tools to bring people together without compromising the social distancing guidelines. We host corporate events where the presentations and meetings can be held in secure, separate virtual rooms. They can share notes and literature among the participants, and live audio and video conversation is possible with no glitches.

We also facilitate social gatherings where employees and their families take part. We have hosted virtual musical events, virtual gaming programs, and live karaoke. The feedback of these programs has been phenomenal. People can now build and nurture their relationships even in virtual spaces and gain maximum benefits.

Please find more information at www.teams.mx or www.teamslatam.com or www.teamsfrance.com por Europe

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