Why VirtualMx was so disruptive and helpful during Microsoft Event

The world is going virtual and not for a short amount of time but for an indefinite one. The recent times have, for sure, changed the way we live and the way we act. Recently, one of our customers, Microsoft, asked us to arrange an event of about 400 people. Our customer further asked us to work with 400 of them different gamification

Our facilitators belonged to Virtual Mx to help people and made sure that they follow the rules of the game and enjoy. Our facilitators also subsequently noted and added the results of the competing teams.

This is just one example of what we recently did. We have handled hundreds of such clients, and our people at Virtual Mx always strive to improve the platform as per the clients, their varying demands. All in all, the team of Virtual Mx platform metamorphoses itself into what its customers and clients want.

One of the more amazing examples of our work is that of Teams - a team-building company that works on virtual. Our Virtualmx software allows you to submit your answers from the game and play together. The first example of Microsoft was based on this powerful software. We have many game and we customize each one.

The ideas for this setup and the games were exchanged through Microsoft Teams, but the customization of games and everything else was done on our robust platform. Our platform is now available on Chrome and the new Microsoft Edge platform.

Now, we were about 400 people. We had 31 breaks out rooms. The number was huge, yet we managed, and it ended up becoming a huge success. The reason behind this success was our people who were present in each room throughout the time. We at the Virtual Mx do not prioritize anything more than customer feedback. If we are assigned a task, the prime goal is to make the customer happy. When your customer is satisfied, this means that you have done all the secondary things right. Unlike most businesses, we like to keep our platform simple but ensure a 100% success rate of the projects that we handle.

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