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our company´s got talent has been such a phenomenal event in recent days. This one has proved our trust in music's power and its magic contribution to the interaction among humans. Our client, a pharmaceutical company, was a meetup performance .We used the latest technology to control and eliminate the delay between the music and the sound on the platform, making it possible to create this magic moment.

This virtual meetup of 200 people was a musical event. First, we recorded a song about company culture performed by each team. Once it was recorded, everyone watched the performance and voted to select the best band. It started as a virtual game, and technology made it possible to remove music's delay. The natural and continuous flow of sound made everyone involved in it that they could not resist humming with it. A magic moment was experienced, and then it turned into a karaoke.

All the audience in this karaoke sang on their microphone live along with the recorded songs. Thus it became a great tool to create an aura of togetherness and teamwork. The feedback gives us the pride that we could make a great team communication possible with our sound recording. Since there was no delay between sounds and every participant could join in to sing without creating a chaos of jumbled voices.

As the world is going forward and life is becoming virtual, companies face additional communication and team-building issues. Since the physical touch and body language are missing, there is a wide gap to bridge among the team members. We are glad that we could use the power of sound and music to create that magic of togetherness. Around those people could connect and share the same melody precisely to make the rhythm for the ears and improved the company culture and environment to a great deal.

We are proud to use technology to bridge distances among people.

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